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Work or Work Out?

Last week I drove over 1000 miles from Philly to Providence to Hartford to Gettysburg to Bucknell to Gettysburg to Bethlehem to Philly–and some places in between! Saturday was great I worked out with my teammate at her gym near Hartford. Monday and Tuesday I was good–getting a workout in before getting on the road for afternoon meetings. But then it all fell apart. I didn’t even remember to bring my shoes Wednesday! Friday I took a day of vacation and I just didn’t get back to the gym until last night. That’s almost a week without a workout! I feel terrible about it. Especially since Saturday marked the 8 week countdown.

I’m worried that work is getting in the way of my workouts! I have two conferences in a row from June 23-July 2 which will make these next crucial weeks of training difficult. I am determined to push myself harder these last weeks–even if I am on a plane!  Does anyone have tips for working out and traveling? I’m not a good packer! LOL

Today I’m determined to go to the gym after Zumba and do arms because my friend beasted me on arms! Gotta pump that iron!

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Listen to your body

I’ve been really busy the past 2 weeks, but I’m trying to stay on top of training. I’m also working on listening to my body. Last week I did 2 workouts in one day and then tried to do my long run the next day. It was torture. My hamstring was killing me. The run was turned into more of a walk and I didn’t make my 6 mile goal. I took 2 days off after that (mainly because I had to travel for work). I walked a lot, but didn’t push myself. I could still feel the strain in my hamstring while walking uphill. Saturday I was back at it. In the gym with my friend and we pushed each other. My arms were so sore Sunday (and still are!). I need to work on my arms more! I got in some Jillian Michaels this morning and I could feel the burn in my arms. I’m not sure if I should rest another day or workout again tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what my body tells me in the morning 🙂

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