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Post Tough Mudder

Wow. We did it. We finished the Tough Mudder! It may not have been fast, but it’s not a race so I don’t care. I may not have been great at all the obstacles, but I tried them. And that’s all that counts.

The Tough Mudder was an amazing, fun, challenging experience. It was so wonderful to see so many people reaching out to give a stranger a hand. We had many people offer us food and beer while on the mountain.

While we were going and reflecting after we kept saying “next time” so here are some thoughts for next time…

First, more sunscreen, especially for lips. I wore my normal face sunscreen instead of putting extra waterproof on and burned my nose and cheeks a bit. But what really hurt was my lips…so bring chapstick with sunscreen!

Second, long sleeves and capris are a MUST. I was so glad I wore capris, but I wore a tee instead of sleeves and my arms got very cut up. I saw some people with sleeves that you can wear with a tank. I think that’s a good option.

Third, bring water and energy. I definitely would wear a camalback and bring some powerbars. It turns out we weren’t fans of Gu. They only had bananas and water on the course which would have been ok if I liked bananas! I ended up very exhausted.

Fourth, know what you’re getting into! We all knew there would be hills, but we didn’t realize we’d be going straight up and down a mountain 4-5 times. We found the obstacles a nice break from the grueling mountain. We all wished we’d been hiking lots for practice.

Fifth, try what you can, but skip what you need to and have fun!!!! The only event I didn’t attempt was the monkey bars. I knew I wasn’t ready for them yet…Next time I will be!!! With Everest (the half pipe) I gave myself 3 tries. I almost made it on the second–holding on to my teammate, but not the right position. I was so proud of myself when I made it up with their help on the third attempt! It was where I got my worst bruises (hips, knee, breast), but it was worth it!

And don’t let anyone fool you. The Arctic Enema sucks. But it is also pretty badass to say you jumped in a tub of ice water. Be prepared for cold feet! It will wear off pretty fast–just keep moving!

Can’t wait to get a group of friends together for this event next year!


Everest Tough Mudder Elec Eel Tough Mudder Team

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Tough Mudder is too SOON

I haven’t written in a while….busy  busy busy!

Last night we got our Tough Mudder time and info. We’re all pretty disappointed to find our start time is 1:20pm! If we’re not halfway by 4:30 we’ll be kicked off the course. I’m worried that it will be crowded so the obstacles will take a long time.

I’m so nervous and excited I don’t know what to do with myself! I know I shouldn’t push it too hard at the gym anymore, but I still think I might not be prepared.


In the end I know we really only need to keep a pace of 3.5mph and we can do that! Even if we have to carry each other! NO MUDDER LEFT BEHIND!

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