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15 K training and travel

I’m technically in week 3 of 15K training and I haven’t been great. Work travel always gets in the way! I only made it to the gym once while away for 4 days. Don’t think that means I was lazy! I averaged 12000 steps/day.

That being said I wasn’t sure if I should go back and do the stuff I missed or continue on where I was supposed to be. I opted for the latter. Not sure if that was right, but we’ll see.

I scheduled myself 10 weeks for Hal Higdon’s 15K novice training with a mix of PiYo (to stretch and strengthen). I’m finding the combo a little difficult because some days I need to do a home and gym workout. It’s hard to do both and not just one! I hope to try both today!

8 weeks out…

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