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on March 19, 2015

Training for this 15k less than a 2 and a half weeks away has been tough! There’s been lots of ups and downs, but I’m feeling really proud of myself. A few months ago I figured I’d never see a mile with a pace of 10 minutes. 11:30 seemed like the best thing my body could produce, but I was wrong! This week I completed 2 consecutive miles with a pace of 10 mins/mile! No I couldn’t sustain that pace much longer, but I did it! 9 minutes doesn’t seem that far away any more. I don’t think my race will be a pace that fast, but I’m still feeling good about it!

-Run a mile in 10 minutes

-Run a mile in 9 minutes

-Run 5 miles without stopping

-Run 15K without stopping

Just gotta keep going! I have some traveling next week which stinks. And I’m sore, but I’m going to listen to my body and going to keep chugging.

I’ve got this.


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