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on June 22, 2015

My 15k was a success! Sarah and I had a ton of fun and stopped to use the bathrooms when we needed to because WE WERE JUST HAVING FUN. During it I told her “I think I could do a half” and that’s just what my brother asked me to do with him. So Labor Day weekend I will be joining my brother in New York for my first half marathon. It’s about 11 weeks away now and I’m trying to keep up with training during this busy summer.

Last week I PR’d a 5k with 3 sub 10:30/miles. It felt great! I don’t plan on running that fast for the half, but it is fun to challenge myself regularly. I’m trying to work on running AND strength at the same time which I think is helping me sustain a quicker pace.

Updated goals:

-Run a mile in 10 minutes

-Run a mile in 9 minutes

-Run 5 miles without stopping

-Run 15K without stopping

-Finish a half marathon


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