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Half Marathon coming at me

In FOUR very short days I’ll be running my first half marathon. There’s a lot of thoughts going through my head. Mostly dread, exhaustion, craziness.

Here are some thoughts:

  1. What was I thinking? 13.1 miles? That’s really far. I don’t even like running
  2. I suck at training plans. I’m just really really bad at following them. Like I said I don’t really like running so finding myself with a schedule for 5 runs a week is crazy to me. I like my rest too much. And don’t even get me started about weekends.
  3. Training in the summer is probably just as bad as winter. The heat and humidity this summer have been brutal. You can’t escape it no matter the time of day. Most of the time I sucked it up, but it was a very sweaty event.
  4. It’s all gonna be ok. So I’m not gonna become some amazing distance runner. This isn’t really news to me. But you know what? I am gonna finish a half marathon this weekend. I may walk a bit. I may average well over 12 minute miles, but I’m going to do it. For me.
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